AConcealment is a term mostly used while setting up a FFP (final firing position) or OP (overwatch position). These are locations the sniper will be spending a certain amount of time at. Assuming this position will be deep into enemy territory. Concealing your position isn’t just about masking that what is visible. But ALSO that what you can smell and hear. Basicly you have to ‘conceal’ all the different ‘senses’ that make you visible. So that means:

  • Visual
  • Oder
  • Audio (Sound)
  • Touch

Why touch you ask? keep in mind you have to reach your FFP or OP in the first place. While moving towards that specific position you will be moving through different types of vegetation. While you are on the move you leave tracks by ‘touching’ the environment. Cracked branches, a muddy boot print or low hanging branches wearing a piece of YOUR ghillie suit.

There are lots of more aspects to keep in mind but these are your main points. We will be posting more on this subject once we have covered it with a video, stay tuned!

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