As a sniper you will be needing a certain kind of cover. This is either physical cover like a wall, or ‘invisible’ cover. For example: Concealment or camouflage. When we talk about physical cover, think of setting up and FFP (final firing position) or OP (overwatch position) in or on top of a building.

In this article we will not be discussing camouflage, for more on this subject be sure to read the Guide to camouflage. We will not discuss covering larger object like verhicles, just the cover that applies to infantry.

We will be discussing the following subjects that apply to infantry:

  • Using your terrain
  • Positioning (ambushes and escape routes
  • Buildings and other physical cover

Buildings and physical cover

Were in the room, or were on the roof will you hide? You are right when you answered in the back of the room. Preferably in the shadow behind some other piece of cover. The use of holes in walls or cover will provide with camouflage and cover from enemy fire. Same rules apply when using a loophole, do not put a rifle directly in the hole, or near it. The distance between cover and firing position will help mask the muzzleflash and sound partially

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