What Tacticalghillies does

At the moment the team consists of 3 official members. The 2 Stealth guru’s who started the group. And the new member who has contributed to the team in various ways. For example: Featuring in instructional videos, helping with brainstorming or with editing the videos (mostly movies for the fans). Also he because of his expertese on technical issues he is at the moment hosting this site!!

We make camouflage and/or concealment related videos. We post these on our YouTube channel: TacticalGhillies. After making a certain amount of video’s and doing research on the subject, The knowledge and skill regarding camouflage and concealment grew amongst the 2 members. They’ve put this knowledge into their videos and is availble on the channel. Watch plenty of videos and learn how to become a stealth guru just like them ! Video’s on the channel vary from: Instructional to entertaining. Examples of videos you can find on the channel are:

  • -How to make your own ghillie suit
  • -How to maximize your concealment
  • -How to move without being seen

The origin of TacticalGhillies

Tactical Ghillies is a sub-catagory in the organistation ‘’Stealth Operations’’. Tactical Ghillies focuses on the day ops. This means concealment excercises during the day. Tactical Ghillies was founded in 2010 when 2 stealth fanatics decided to start making youtube videos. One of these guys had an interest in stealth for as far as he could remember. It really started when (quote)’’I saw my brother play the very first splinter cell on the xbox’’. From that day on he started sneaking around. Later on, this sneaking around devloped into a bigger thing. Not only did he want to be concealed at night. But also during the day. It was not long after that he found out about: Ghillie Arnhem. A YouTube channel that uploaded videos about ghillies. (Assuming you know what a ghillie is by now I won’t go into detail) He ordered a paintball ghillie suit. This was just a headpiece which came with some extra jute. After some practising He found more videos on YouTube. This time on the channel of: Ripperkon.

The guy on this YouTube channel made his very own ghillie suit. And showed how you could make one yourself. Not long after viewing the first videos from Ripperkon (Floris) tried to make his own ghillie suit. After testing it out at local hiking areas he came to the conclusion it worked out pretty well. In 2010 (floris) attended at the ghillie meeting in Arnhem. Whice was also hosted by ghillie arnhem. Not long after the meeting (floris) teamed up with a buddy who also seemed interested at ‘’the ghillie thing’’. He also made his own ghillie and together they made a hide and seek video. The video Turned out prety well and the buddy’s decided to put it on youtube. But ofcours you need an account to upload. That’s when they came up with the name. Tactical Ghillies.